Making of a Synthetic Turf Backyard Playground in Lewisville

A newly installed Synthetic Turf Backyard Playground alongside a serene water body, blending natural beauty with playful design.

From Muddy Lot to Magical Play: The Making of a Synthetic Turf Backyard Playground in Lewisville

Above are photos before Synthetic Turf Concepts started the job in Lewisville, NC.

In the heart of Lewisville, a remarkable transformation took place, turning what was once a muddy storage area for building materials into a vibrant children’s playground. Originally earmarked for a parking pad, the vision for this space evolved into something far more enchanting—a Synthetic Turf Backyard Playground that offers endless fun for children.

The Challenge of Grading and Drainage

The journey from concept to reality was spearheaded by Synthetic Turf Concepts, known for their expertise in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. The project posed unique challenges, particularly in grading. The swing set and playground needed a level foundation, while the subgrade required a precise slope to direct water flow towards a drain box—a critical step to avoid water pooling and ensure the area remained usable and safe after rain.

To combat these challenges and enhance the area’s drainage, AirDrains were installed beneath the Synthetic Turf in Lewisville. This innovative solution not only improved drainage but also played a significant role in extending the turf’s life expectancy, making the playground a long-lasting retreat.

A Commitment to Safety and Quality

Synthetic Turf Concepts took on this turnkey project with a commitment to safety and quality. From the meticulous grading and drainage setup to the playground assembly and synthetic turf installation, every step was executed with precision. The choice of turf was especially considered; PFAS-free options were selected to ensure the highest safety standards, keeping the well-being of children and pets in mind.

Furthermore, a natural cooling infill sand was used instead of traditional rubber infill, emphasizing the commitment to a pet and family-safe Synthetic Turf Backyard Playground. This special infill not only keeps the surface cooler underfoot but also adds an extra layer of safety and comfort for those enjoying the playground.

This Synthetic Turf in Lewisville project stands as a testament to the possibilities that thoughtful design, expert execution, and a focus on safety can bring to any space. Synthetic Turf Concepts transformed an underutilized lot into a magical playground where children’s laughter fills the air, and families gather to make memories. It’s more than just a playground; it’s a beacon of imagination and joy for the community.

Stay tuned for more inspiring transformations by Synthetic Turf Concepts, where muddy lots become the settings for childhood adventures, and dreams of the perfect play space turn into reality.

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